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Precious Metals Investment Solutions

Assets are meticulously safeguarded at LeFreeport, a secure bonded and insured facility in Singapore

Our top priority is providing a safer, more streamlined digital experience for our consumers. We do this by integrating features that boost productivity and expand business. We're increasing the variety of investments we provide to include highly secure, easily traded precious metals as part of our dedication to putting our customers first. In this way, wealthy people and corporations may diversify their holdings and earn steady returns on their money.
We make it easy for you to buy, sell, store, and ship bullion coins and bars from the palm of your hand.

Financial system integration

Our incorporated financial white-label solution gives you the freedom to create a product that is uniquely yours.


LeFreeport, a bonded and insured storage facility in Singapore, is where allotted metals are physically stored. The greatest standards of security and protection are in place, guaranteeing the safety of our clients' property.

Redeemable on Demand

Malca Amit, a leading global logistics and security company, ensures safe and timely delivery of your luxury products, financial documents, and artwork, no matter where in the globe you may be.


Zero Settlement Risk

Offering a secure trading environment with no danger of settlement via a simple-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), API, or ERC20 token. This makes it possible for a wide variety of assets to be traded on our platform in a safe and reliable manner.

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By allowing full visibility into and auditability of all underlying assets and transactions.


An expert team sits in Singapore to assist you 

24/7 Trading

Trading on our platform is open 24/7



Our platform offers Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs),