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Our Payment Gateway 

Collect payments on your website, mobile app or get paid instantly using our payment request links.


API Enabled

Build your business with full API-driven automation without the need for manual intervention

Payment Links

Get paid instantly with Payment Links Share payment link via an email, SMS, etc. and get paid immediately

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Innovative Dashboard

Take business decisions using insights from the real-time data and reports available on the dashboard

Buy Now, Pay Later

Receive complete payment at the time of purchase while customers pay in pre-defined installments

QR Codes

Streamline Payments with Ease by generating QR Codes effortlessly and get paid instantly.


Use your phone's NFC technology to process card payments. Just Tap n Go ! 

Why Chose Us?


100+ merchants already using our platform worldwide


You get a dedicated Relationship Manager for your project.

1 Week

Our clients can expect their merchant platform fully operational within 1 week