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Multi Currency IBANs

Master & SUB IBANs for all financial services

Fintech & Innovation Ltd provides Multi Currency Banking with a Direct IBANs.
Through our integrated Bank partners throughout the World, Mid & High Risk categorized businesses receive the banking services they need with aggressive & volume pricing.
●  EURO, GBP, USD, and more●  SWIFT, SEPA and Faster Payments transactions●  Compliant and Secure●  Account Approval and Setup: 5-10 days●  Banking services for Businesses and Financial Institutions globally●  24/7 Online Account Access
IBAN issuance from a BANK instead of an EMI or E-Money Institution is an enormous difference. Clients will always prefer and feel much more comfortable with a direct IBAN from a BANK. Especially when the bank is licensed in Switzerland.

Benefits of using our IBANs

IBAN issuance from a BANK instead of an EMI

● Receive SEPA payments in minutes● Make SEPA payments to 35 EU countries ● SWIFT throughout the World● Take advantage of FX conversion automation ● Use an IBAN to integrate with marketplaces and payment gateways● Get Instant notifications of incoming payments ● Take advantage of online onboarding

Our IBAN Platform

One platform for managing your clients' IBANs

We provide a turn-key payment platform for issuing payment cards to your potential cardholders and IBAN Accounts to facilitate instant movement of funds throughout the world.
This means:An Account Portal is provided for your Account Holders to apply for and access their card(s) and IBAN in one placeOur clients receive access to a management portal for Creating Accounts, Setting credit limits, Verifying cardholder transactions,, and managing all facets of their program.
We handle the onboarding process for you, including cardholders search and verification, approvals and exceptions. This includes KYC / KYB / AML and fraud screening services to monitor for fraudulent activity 24/7.

Why Chose Us?


We have successfully completed over 35+ IBAN projects for Forex, companies, EMIs, and Banks


Our team is 100% focused on financial services and building
robust programs to support your strategic goals

12 Weeks

Our clients can expect their IBAN programs fully operational within 2 weeks

IBAN Platform

Get your own IBAN platform and manage your clients' IBAN issuing process.